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On The Last Day

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A noble attribute often ascribed to professional athletes is their ability to play with pain. That certainly applies to the fiery Seattle Hardcore Rock band On The Last Day. Consider this particular road hazard: They were playing in Charleroi, PA this last tour, singer Geoff Walker recalls. And right at the end of Leaving the Citadel bassist Aaron Johnson's headstock and Geoff's face crossed paths. "He hit me and all I remember was thinking, That's gonna bleed." He awoke a minute later to Justin handing him a towel and a river of blood meandering across the stage from his nose. He had to get a CaT Scan and two X-rays because He had been knocked out. The doctor said he had no broken bones, but some of the cartilage was detached at the bottom of his nose.


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    Strings of numbers in the black. Solutions false to send me back. If only I could only do the math. (there is no escape) Tell me secrets with white noise. If I could single out a voice maybe the past would all make sense. (there is no meaning) A pattern there, a sequence here, there's something that I lack. The answer's there, but the end is near, and there's no turning back.
    There's meaning in the static and I need to believe that if there's an end, I'm planning my escape.
    Turn the volume up to ten. The signal's there it's just hiding. Beware the monsters at the end. (there is no escape) I'll place this purpose in the void. Something to block out the white noise. Quick now, my time is running out. (There is no meaning) They've caught my scent, they're on my heels, this city's closing in. I'm leaving town, I'm reaching out, but all I grasp is air.
    I hear voices in the darkness. (I hear voices) Waiting, they're watching, and telling me lies. They don't answer now.
    I hear voices...
    Meaning In The Static  -  21,178 plays
    You seemed so strong, stood your ground. Is this enough to make you proud?
    The seasons barely change. They move too fast for me.Back home the autumn leaves are falling softly from the trees. Don't take this away, I'm close to sanity. I pushed against the grain and drove a thousand miles away.
    There's nothing left (I've given all I have) Done what I can (I've leaned into the wind) It's all (it's all)For you (I've done all that I can) There's nothing left(I've given all I have)
    You seemed so strong, stood your ground. Is this enough to make you proud? You seemed so strong, stood your ground. Are you proud?
    Winter turns to spring, but it still looks the same. The city is gray and there's still the constant rain. Now I understand the things you gave to me. Because I have the means to fight a faceless enemy.
    Leaving The Citadel  -  17,916 plays
    The dead will take you in
    Leave me alone, can't you see I'm dying here. I'll rip you, wide open. Just let me go, there's no more use for me.
    So cold I'm shaking
    Are you all dead? Dead and walking, corpses talking. Is your blood red and beating? Still screaming "don't let them take me"
    I'm paralyzed, my arms rest at my side. Stop testing, I'm resting. Incessantly, you're making a mistake. It's just my time now.
    Below One Hundred  -  11,450 plays
    This is a quarantine you aren't allowed to leave. Wall up this grey city. Go home the streets are empty. We're sterilized and clean, unaware that I am the disease. Run
    This is us. And here's the chance that we've been waiting for. It's us. You should run. Or face us and embrace the plague for now.
    Standing in the crowd spreading all throughout the scene. There is no vaccine there is no cure for me. As dangerous as we seem at least that's what we believe. Run
    (You won't survive)
    This is us. I guarantee you won't survive
    Twelve CC's  -  10,422 plays
    Light your signal flare in the air. I need to find you. Hospital white glare. Are you there? This is the rescue.
    Collapsed out in the rain. Lost in the dark. Surrounded by the trees with no landmarks. So now you're out of sight. Blood draining till you die. You won't make it through the...
    Light your signal flare in the air. (in the air) I need to find you.
    Hospital white glare. Are you there? (are you there) This is the rescue.
    Let us begin the surgery tearing you apart. We need to fix the valve on your failing heart. I hope I blocked the pain. I hope we're not too late. Don't you dare give up.
    The Rescue  -  9,935 plays
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