Omega Impure



Omega Impure- Fixation of Love and It's Undoing (2012) Download link: Straight Edge Hip-Hop. Born as Jonathan Whittle. Formerly known as xDabluecornerx formed in early 2005 with three members. Mid-2006, the other members left. As a one man project, the xDabluecornerx focused solely on lyrics dealing with family misgivings, heartache/hatred, and confrontational depth in depression. In mid-2009, xDabluecornerx was changed to Omega Impure for a lighter yet bolder step towards Hip-Hop. Meaning, "Omega means the end, Impure means not pure. I will be "not pure" until after my end. In this life, I will remain straight edge. Not Impure Omega, but Omega Impure." Releases: xDabluecornerx- Demo MMVIII (2008), Omega Impure- Self-Titled LP (2009), Self-Everything EP (2010), The First In Line LP (2011) Visit to stay updated with future releases. Since Feb 2012, Jonathan started a hardcore band hailing from Savannah, Georgia. FFO: Shai Hulud, Poison The Well, Love Is Red, Hopesfall, etc. Releases: Coastlines: Life In Shifts (July 6th, 2012) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.