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The Ohio Players are a funk and R&B band whose heyday was in the mid- to late 1970s. They formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1959 as the Ohio Untouchables, and initially included members Robert Ward (vocals/guitar), Marshall "Rock" Jones (bass), Clarence "Satch" Satchell (saxophone/guitar), Cornelius Johnson (drums), and Ralph "Pee Wee" Middlebrooks (trumpet/trombone). The Ohio Untouchables broke up in 1963, with Ward leaving for a solo career, but the core members of the group returned to Dayton and added Gary Webster (drums) and Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner (guitar) in 1964. The group added two more singers, Bobby Lee Fears and Dutch Robinson, and became the house band for New York City-based Compass Records in 1967. They soon became one of the better known R&B bands of the 1970's. They inspired many artists including The Mighty Majors ("You Can Never Go Back"), which opened a show for them once on the road.


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    RollerCoaster of Love
    "Say What"
    "Hah huh"
    Ooh ooh ooh
    Love Rollercoaster  -  514,658 plays
    Hey, now, huh-huh
    Hey, hey, hey, no, (Ow, now)
    Hey, now, huh-huh
    Hey, hey, hey, no
    Fire (Uh) Fire (Its all about) Fire (Woo, woo, woo)
    Fire  -  301,138 plays
    You're a little late
    So step right this way
    And we'll get started
    Granny, what? Say it now
    Oh, say it now, say it now, ahem
    Funky Worm  -  128,523 plays
    You are a bad bad Mrs.
    In them skin tight britches
    Runnin' folks in ditches
    Baby about to bust the stitches, yeah
    Skin tight (skin tight)
    Skin Tight  -  100,238 plays
    One day child, I won't have to listen to your lies
    On that day, I'll be able to make up my own mind
    You know, I think I done finally realized
    And now I think I can put you out of my life
    I'm gonna be free! (I want to be free to run away)
    I Want To Be Free  -  63,965 plays
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