Welcome to the return of a rock n roll intelligentsia. A decade ago, bassist/singer Jeremy Haffner founded popular Downtown LA art gallery/event space Hangar 1018; where he created a thriving crossover scene between modern art and live music. This led to relationships between Oedipus and such acclaimed and high profile artists as Bob Dob, Seamus Conley, and Tim Peterson; who respectively provided original cover artwork for the band’s two independent releases, 2006’s "Humbility," 2008’s "Covetous" and a self-titled European release out in October 2010 on MyMusic Records. Together with guitarist Stephen Cohen, who formed the band with Haffner as young teens; and Midwest ex-pat Keith Larsen on drums who joined in 2004, they managed to accomplish an impressive list of feats for an unsigned band. Oedipus has recorded and self-released three full length albums and two EPs; they’ve self-booked and promoted several U.S. tours; played in support of Capitol Records artist Hurt, DreamWorks artist The Apex Theory, Guitar Player Magazine “cover artist” Rafael Moreira, most recently rocked shows with Warner Bros./Sire Records artist Foxy Shazam.

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