Novice is a four piece rock band from Hollister, CA. The band originally formed in the fall of 2002 and has been turning heads ever since. In the beginning, the four members spent what ever free time they had writing and rehearsing songs and playing as many shows as they could. With each show the band proved to the audience that they were not your average “local band”. After only a short period of time, Novice had gained a large following in the local scene. In the summer of 2003, Novice headed into the studio to record the A Day out in the Sun EP. It was the band’s first official release and it did not disappoint. The EP sold over 1,000 copies in just a short amount of time. Realizing that it was time to take their music to the next level, Novice began shopping around for a record label to call their home and after a relatively painless search they found that home with Orange County’s Rigged Records. Armed with a new label and new momentum, the band began writing for their first full length release, Interrupting the Scenery. Since the band had developed such a large following in their local scene it was inevitable that the release of Interrupting the Scenery, in October of 2004, would be a huge success. Novice then spent the next year playing shows all across the west coast in support of the album. As with any band there were highs and lows during their travels across the land but, their hard work soon paid off as sales of Interrupting the Scenery kept on climbing; once again proving that Novice was not the average local band. The momentum did not stop there. After a year and a half of touring and promoting Interrupting the Scenery, Novice began writing and rehearsing for the much anticipated follow-up album, Forgive the Silence. From the time that Novice wrote and recorded Interrupting the Scenery, the individual members, as well as the band as a whole, had gone through quite a bit. This was made clear through the song writing as the band came out of the practice room with a collection of songs exhibiting a level of maturity that some artists never achieve. The album has been doing well since the release, considering the fact that it was released independently by the band. Since May 2006, Novice has sold approximately 1,000 copies of Forgive the Silence on their own, bringing their total record sales to over 4,000. Forgive the Silence brings Novice to a whole new level, yet it still delivers the same raw power that Novice fans have grown accustomed to. Shortly after releasing Forgive the Silence, Novice set out once again to bring their raw sound to the masses. Since their first tour, the band had grown accustomed to the road warrior lifestyle so the tour to promote the recent release was quite successful bringing Novice to a point they had never been before. Throughout the summer of 2006, the band kept busy playing everywhere their van would take them. However, Novice was denied access at the Canadian border but that’s a whole different story. Since their humble beginning Novice has shared the stage and the open road with hundreds of bands including Less Than Jake, Shiny Toy Guns, Emery, Forgive Durden, Joy Electric, Project 86 and so many others. There’s no telling what the future holds for these four musicians from smallsville but one thing remains certain. Whether on your iPod or the stage, there are few things that come close to the shear energy and power that Novice brings to the table. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.