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No Trigger

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No Trigger is a skate punk/melodic hardcore band from Massachusetts that formed in 2000. In 2004, the band compiled their early recordings and remastered the sound for their debut release, "Extinction in Stereo", released on independent record label Bigmouth Japan. The record received a significant amount of attention and praise from the punk rock press. In 2005, No Trigger signed to independent record label Nitro Records, and their debut full-length, entitled "Canyoneer", was released on March 21st, 2006. New record called Tycoon out soon on No Sleep Records.


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    strained eyes toward infinite night skies, hemlocks, sunsets through white pines, roadmaps and distant state lines. it only took one trip to understand, the dam is cracked with no room to expand and seats are filling up quick inside. from coast to coast, wrapped up in all these earth tones. wrapped up and warm in earth songs. its one small step. another step for man and i'm sick of getting stepped on. eyes fixed on the prize, generations side by side. They're marching through the trees, blinded by reality. status: endangered and the species consists of me. am i the only living exception with vision un-obscured and clear? jump up, get down, hypothesize, cut the ties, cross the lines, re-posses everybody's life. am i the only fucking exception? and this disease will bring the planet to its knees. no self-defense left to dispense on kings, citizens, and queens. is it too late to start pretending? throw it in reverse and skip the ending? no, its on the way, its on the way, its on the way, its on the way. i'm reminded every single day. from coast to coast, wrapped up in all these earth tones. wrapped up and warm in earth songs. homogenize the countryside, big city lights and small town pride. an orb of water and life drained from the outside. it has begun. i'm the only one touched by the setting sun. it has begun.
    Earthtones  -  58,443 plays
    like an episode of twilight zone there's a country torn apart by personal preference, genetics, and the fear of progress. if a man and a man cannot walk hand in hand would it make your little day and would you celebrate narrow minds running this democracy? the right to live, the right to breath, the right to love who the fuck we want. human beings against humans being human, what the fuck? sorry sir, this is an exclusive club and it always has been. the same struggle ringing in our ears as civil's definition blurs across the page. fifty years since miss brown showed the world that the power of change can even rest in little girls. that corked the mouths of pasty free-range separatists. 2004: three lessons learned, two can play at this game and bring full out war, settle the score and push buttons that cannot be ignored. its only skin, someday they'll see its only love. once upon a time still undefined, there's no real choice except accept the fact its simply what we became. what we became. and maybe one of these days all the blindfolds will simply break away from empty eyes reveling limitless blue skies and the bats and moles will see: its what we became.
    What We Became  -  51,741 plays
    not american, barely north american. ten thousand years of history (but hey, who's counting anyway?) dissolved and forgotten in just over five hundred. hold on man, let me check my notes. two continents chock full of people can be destroyed and gone unnoticed? are you kidding me? survival should be based on fairness, not fitness. and just remember that as three hundred million sing 'this land is your land' we scream 'basta ya'. this country is still wet to the touch, saturated with greed conquest and blood... conveniently stuffed under the rug. this may be overdue: fuck you. a different time? well that can't replace the countless cultures that have been erased. established in 1492, i'm not american.
    North American  -  45,725 plays
    Headfirst with a wrecking ball, our lifeless bodies lonely remains left lying on the floor. sweet. stolen time, asking for more benefits. they know the weakness the only means on which the working class can ride, our pride wasted time and dead stares bleeding ears pressed to the railroad tracks these speakers scream attack attack attack rendered useless while the bosses drive the nine to five express through our lives. straight through our lives. still trading our minutes for money we could only take pictures through windows. for mere pennies on the dollar trading lives for pocket change sit back fill out the punch-card tell your kids to do the same.
    Call It A Day  -  39,996 plays
    one planet, one chance and look what happened. the prophecies of doom are beginning to turn true. human, it wont be long until your clock is dead and the comets fall like rain, with no one left to repeat history. regrets with no thought, open wide swallow the cost. did it ever cross your mind? 6 billion seeds consuming resources and time: what about the next 100 fucking years? human it wont be long until your clock is dead and the comets fall like rain with no one left to repeat history. reform? its too late. just open wide. because the world is not a stage and we at the end of the line are not merely players in time, we're the end result of progress forcing a new beginning. lifelong addiction for mass extinctions avoidable from the start. a map. a compass rose. short walks down Darwin's road. a sign, anything dear god: make it stop one shot one kill one shot. human it wont be long until your clock is dead and the comets fall like rain with no one left to repeat history regrets reform rebuild too late we all participate. get it on your mind, punk.
    Map And Compass  -  41,367 plays
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