Nate Wollman


Nate Wollman, the son of a pianist and 80’s pop producer became a fan of electronic music production and began his journey into making tracks at just 15 years old. Nate found much of his inspiration from a local radio station program called the “Modern Mix” which used to air on the popular California radio station, Live 105 FM during the late weekend hours back in the early 1990’s. Without hesitation, Nate enthusiastically began purchasing equipment to make his own tracks, most notably on the cult classic, Atari 1040st Falcon and the Roland JS-30 sampling station. In those days his method of recording was often analog tape. During the 1990’s his first hand encounters with rave culture led him to local parties such as Pacific Sound’s legendary “Sunset” gatherings on Sunday afternoons as well as countless nights with friends at loft parties around California and across the nation.

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