Name Taken

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Name Taken was a pop-rock band from Orange County, California and formed while the group was still in high school. The main lineup included Chad Atkinson (Vocals/Bass), Ryan Edwards (Rhythm Guitar) and Blake Means (Lead Guitar). While they were active, they had three different drummers; Bret Meisenbach, Danny Valencia, and most recently, Juan Pereda, who did not perform on any records but played their live shows. Before embarking on a planned European tour, the band split up in 2005. On May 5th and 6th, 2007, they reformed shortly to play back-to-back shows at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Paul Riscalla, formerly of Dead Letter Diaries, played drums for the show. Both nights sold out. Despite playing some newly written songs, the shows were a one-time event and the band currently has no plans to continue. Atkinson and Means are currently attending a Cal State University at Fullerton while Edwards is attending U.C. Berkeley.


Top Songs

Total plays on over the last 6 months
    You break me in two, tear me into
    You looking back regretting every move
    And I'm wearing thin, but they're not wearing out
    Time takes its toll and the distance is greater
    Loss of control, we lost it
    Hold on for Your Dearest Life  -  81,355 plays
    Do you remember when you and I
    Were less than us and we
    Covered up what little was left of me
    And became one in the same
    The colors fading into nothing
    Cover Up  -  76,301 plays
    "I Quit My Scene"
    It's what you want
    and who you are
    that has always been two very different things
    So I wore my best clothes
    I Quit My Scene  -  62,538 plays
    so now you hear what took you years to listen for
    but still i can't make out the words
    its the message that makes you miserable
    but still...
    Panic  -  72,571 plays
    We will cheat you out of everything, that you would
    We will sell you who you are
    there are the choices that we already made
    That we feel
    Will suite you well
    Control  -  70,364 plays
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