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Naked Aggression

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    So much war, so much destruction, lives are wasted for production
    So much anger, so much hate, if things don't change the human race will end
    Will the 90's be another decade of apathy? Are you just going
    sit by and watch things get worse and worse? NO!
    The rich will stop at nothing to control the world and keep their power
    Right Now - (2:57)  -  104 plays
    Religious fools want to control our lives - Fuck them! Religious fools want to
    control our lives - Fuck them! America is filled with God fearing Christians
    that follow along Being brainwashed by leaders Since the day they were born
    Don't listen to a god Don't listen to your rulers We don't need them All they
    do is take our freedom away Religious fools want to control our lives - Fuck
    Religious Lies - (2:47)  -  80 plays
    It's not my fault that I'm fucked up
    I'm just a product of a selfish world
    My whole life I've been an outcast
    Now I don't care, I don't want to fit in any more
    People are so quick to judge me
    Plastic World - (2:54)  -  92 plays
    I hate greedy politicians I hate greedy corporations
    I hate their manipulation, I hate all their exploitation
    I hate their economy, I hate this whole society
    I hate it all, I hate it all
    Smash the state
    Smash the State - (1:33)  -  96 plays
    There's this group around that calls themselves prolife Well, instead they
    should call themselves pro-death Because by taking away our freedom of choice
    They're are going to force many women who don't want to bear children, to the
    back alleyAnd many women are going to die from these back alley abortions!
    But these people don't seem to care Operation rescue, what do you want me to
    Killing Floor - (2:22)  -  76 plays
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