Murder By Death

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Murder by Death are an indie rock/alternative country band which formed in 2000 in Bloomington, Indiana, United States. The band consists of Adam Turla (vocals, guitar), Matt Armstrong (bass), Sarah Balliet (cello, keyboards), Scott Brackett (keyboards, accordion), and Dagan Thompson (drums). The band has released six albums since their formation: "Like The Exorcist, But More Breakdancing" (2002), "Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them" (2003), "In Bocca al Lupo" (2006), "Red of Tooth and Claw" (2008), "Good Morning, Magpie" (2010), and "Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon" (2012).


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  1. Comin' Home  -  216,575 plays
    a smell like cigarettes creeps softly through the vents
    the room is filling up with smoke and little bodies
    tell all the boys and girl from school
    to keep breaking all the rules
    don't let their parents know they're individuals
    Killbot 2000  -  193,636 plays
    She walked with fire at her heels.
    The scent of smoke on the breeze.
    Wherever she goes that's where I'll be.
    Whatever she wants that's what I need.
    Baby, it's been so long that even the roses hips are turning me on.
    Fuego!  -  189,106 plays
    Fourteen years have passed since that day
    Your stories are the same but the ends have all changed
    You carried on like you were some type of god
    Some things will never change
    We went home to see our folks
    Brother  -  217,540 plays
    "Well, I'll take two shots," said the Devil to the Man
    And laid a little book on the bar
    Well, Lord knows the Devil, he only talks shit
    And only drinks whiskey from the jar
    The Devil In Mexico  -  175,019 plays
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