Mister Monster

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In late 1998, a band was formed that would come to be recognized as one of the bloodiest acts in the underworld of punk rock. Mister Monster was started by singer-guitarist J~Sin Trioxin. The band formed, wrote, recorded, released, and played its first show within a matter of 6 weeks of forming as a band. Audiences at the 1998 Halloween show were blown away by Mister Monster's performance, and the band's first release, "Songs From the Crypt," sold out its first pressing in a matter of days. Four pressings later, the band was regularly playing New Jersey and New York City, in front of packed houses. During the following year and a half, the band made small tours of the tri-State area and changes to its lineup.


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    All' I've Got Is Your Plaster Cast, God I Wish It Smelled Like You
    I've Got Your Skin Stuck In My Teeth, At Least Im Tasting You.
    Lonely Nights Ingesting Vicodin, Missing All of our Fun
    Cut Me With Your Bones, Drown Me In Your Blood
    And Tell Me That I Am the Only One
    Over Your Dead Body  -  15,764 plays
    Look Mom, no more brains
    At least not today.
    I wish I could eat again
    I wish I could find a head.
    But when will I know
    Little Frankenstein  -  15,743 plays
    I Smoke too Many Cigarettes
    My Back Always Hurts
    I Procrastinate And I Scribble My Words
    Subject to a Life Long Curse
    I Used to Walk Around So Tall
    This Night I Call (Bad Luck)  -  19,011 plays
    Get Me To a Hospital I'm Bleeding Profusely.
    Call Me an Ambulance and Rush Me to Emergency.
    I Need a Doctor and a Nurse my Blood and Veins, Forever Cursed
    I Want You Here With Me Tonight I'm Just too Young
    I Don't Want to Die...
    Send More Paramedics  -  15,113 plays
    You look like a girl that'd crucify her mother with her kitchen knives
    I'd love to do that too, can I cut the rug with you?
    Would you bleed in my shower stall, if I held your hand and watched the
    bucket fall?
    You'd never see me laugh, we'd get the junior high too and the entire high
    Prom Night  -  14,318 plays
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