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"Mikey Wax is one of the most promising rock/pop singer-songwriters out right now. He has some very genuine and organic music that is a fresh take on a tired pop music genre." KSL.com.


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  1. You Lift Me Up (Live City Remix)  -  39,131 plays
    I like that when I come back home
    I can always find you here
    You know no matter where I go
    That I'll always come back home
    And we wonder who we are
    In Case I Go Again  -  8,016 plays
    I see clear just like a picture on the wall, and now I
    Know how to steer, I'm not afraid if I should fall yeah
    It took some tears but together we were strong
    and now I feel a burning beat inside my heart and
    I feel alive for the first time in my life, oh baby
    You Lift Me Up  -  12,827 plays
    Who knows
    crazy as life goes
    we'll write a story
    we tell til were very old
    so let's live lost in the moment
    Counting On You  -  5,853 plays
    Well there's a feeling that I get when you look at me that way
    A feeling like you're all out of love
    And it's an unforgiving fact that in the past yeah you've had it tough
    And I don't wanna try to save you
    Just wanna see you smile, if for a night
    Only One  -  6,858 plays
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