Midnight Youth

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Midnight Youth are a New Zealand rock band formed in 2006. Their debut album, The Brave Don't Run, was released in 2009 in New Zealand and Australia.


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    We rest as one soul
    Just one last night here
    Remembering what we gave up
    This golden love
    Our path have crossed
    Golden Love  -  22,772 plays
    Yesterday, I got a letter
    From an old friend of mine
    Oooh, oooh
    It had some words and a picture
    That would change your life
    The Letter  -  18,280 plays
    All my life I've been caged in
    Kept away from the storm
    Silver spoons and crimson moons
    Are all I have here to show
    But breezing
    All On Our Own  -  19,036 plays
    Getting up is easy, when you're first to get the message, that it's time to put your money where your mouth is today
    But if your friends are all asleep and you've got pillows on your feet, then your objectives will be lost, you will float on away
    When the cavalry comes, you'll find us lookin for a reason, to break down these walls and jump
    When the cavalry comes, you'll find us lookin for a reason, to show you the brave don't run, don't run
    A proper cup of coffee, from a proper coffee shop, was all I needed to get a little purpose in life
    Cavalry  -  11,560 plays
  5. Who Said You're Free  -  6,924 plays
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