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Micah P. Hinson is a singer/songwriter from Abilene, Texas with a warm, husky voice. His music has an americana/alternative country slant, with hints of gospel and blues. Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress, his first real album, was produced in 2004 by the Earlies, Micah's friends, collaborators and sometimes tour buddies (where they play as his backing band). In 2005, his earlier 4-track recordings were produced and released properly as an album under the title The Baby & the Satellite. Micah has toured with and opened for artists such as Will Oldham, Iron & Wine, David Gray and Calexico.


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    It is said
    That you cannot be found
    Under rocks or broken skull
    I will lay down
    I can be found beneath the rose
    Beneath The Rose  -  137,720 plays
    Jackeyed all day long
    as I sit and I sing the same old song
    It's hard to think you care
    when it's hard to find you almost anywhere
    Will i know you better in a year?
    Jackeyed  -  71,892 plays
  3. The Leading Guy  -  59,764 plays
    Love is
    Known for
    Not giving in
    But it seems almost impossible
    To make it
    Seems Almost Impossible  -  52,846 plays
    I'm diggin a grave in the moonlight
    I'm diggin a grave where we lay
    hopin' the sun won't ever come up
    and there'll be no compromise again
    I'm diggin a grave in the moonlight
    Diggin' A Grave  -  65,868 plays
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