Meantooth Grin


Born in the north country of Wisconsin, this Trio is not so easy to pin a genre on. While They have heavy blues influences like Junior Kimbrough and RL Burnside; they also bear some similarities to bands like ZZ Top and Clutch. While some people have argued that the band is too heavy to be considered Blues, this did not stop several blues lists and sites from giving the album a very high rating. Several even gave it album of the year for blues.This is not to say the band doesnt have their own style, Though these influences can be heard in their playing, they do have a style all their own. The core band of Tom Jordan (vox/guitar), Seth Heffner (Bass), and Brian Miller (Drums) sometimes employ a 4th member. Sometimes Pete Shank joins them on keys or one of many harmonica players from time to time.

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