Mary Gauthier

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Mary Gauthier (born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1962) is an American country and folk singer/songwriter. Given up at birth by a mother she never knew, Mary was adopted. At age 15, she ran away from home and stole her parents' car, and spent the next several years in detox, halfway houses, and living with friends; she spent her 18th birthday in jail. These experiences provided fodder for her songwriting later on (particularly her song "Drag Queens in Limousines"). Later on, she enrolled at Louisiana State University as a philosophy major, but after five years there, dropped out due to drug problems and moved to Boston. After working waitress jobs and eventually being promoted to manager of the restaurant where she worked, financial backers paid her way to attend the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and she opened a Cajun restaurant in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, "Dixie Kitchen" (also the title of her first album). She wrote her first song at age 35. After the release of her first album, she sold her share in the restaurant to finance her second album, Drag Queens in Limousines. Gauthier is an out lesbian and two of the songs on her first album, "Goddamn HIV" and "Skeleton Town", dealt with AIDS.


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    He'd get home at 5: 30, fix his drink
    And sit down in his chair
    Pick a fight with mama
    Complain about us kids getting in his hair
    At night he'd sit alone and smoke
    I Drink  -  81,209 plays
    Let me paint the picture
    I was up in the club with the homies (with the homies)
    More shawtys, more hittas
    Then I saw a pretty girl lookin' lonely (lookin' lonely)
    You must be from other (?) cause I never seen you around
    Mercy Now  -  61,550 plays
    Our Lady of the Shooting Stars
    Was that you last night?
    Did we dance a whispered waltz,
    Did I hold you in my sight?
    When morning came with open arms
    Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars  -  33,083 plays
    The children are crying, they never got their supper
    Where would you run to in the darkness of the night?
    Even shadows fear to wander
    They gather 'round me in the candlelight
    Your crucifix is broken, bloody, sharp and shattered
    Snakebit  -  30,027 plays
    I hated high school, I prayed it would end
    The jocks and their girls, it was their world, I didn't fit in
    Mama said, "Baby, it's the best school that money can buy
    Hold your head up, be strong, c'mon Mary, try"
    I stole mama's car on a Sunday and left home for good
    Drag Queens In Limousines  -  29,209 plays
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