Mark Richardson


At the age of 13-14 Mark experimented producing music on an Amiga 500 computer using free software from an Amiga Magazine cover disk. He learned how to program basic beats and melodies. Moving onto a pc using Cubase and Magix Music Maker Mark learned the basics of using a sequencer and arranging tracks. He then sent demos to various labels in the UK. Nukleuz Records liked Hard Drive and released it on vinyl in 2001. In the following months Mark released more tracks on the Nukleuz label and managed to penetrate the national Top 40 twice. Working with London's hard trance legend Phil Reynolds and Riots very own Ed Real. Mark appeared on every Nukleuz Hard Trance EP up to Hard Trance EP5. Mark also released a solid hard trance EP on Kevin Energy's Dynamix label with the tracks 'Don't Let Go and 'Fall Into A Dimension', receiving 4 stars in DJ Mag.

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