Manu Militari


MANU appeared on the rap scene in Summer 2000 with his first EP titled "Manu Drastic". After this, he founded the group Rime Organisé (Organized Rhyme) with three other MCs. In 2003, they took first place at the Festival hip hop 4 ever, which enabled them to go to France to perform in Marseilles at the Festival d'Aubagne. On their return to Quebec, Rime Organisé participated in many mix-tapes and compilations, and released the EP "Règlement de comptes" (Settling Scores) in the beginning of 2004. When it came time to release an album, the other members of the group were busy with their own projects, so MANU decided to keep going on his own. In 2005 he spent a year in the studio working furiously on the album "Voix de Fait" (Voice of Truth), which was released in February 2006.

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