MC 몽



MC Mong (MC 몽) (born on September 4, 1979) is a South Korean hip hop artist. He was formerly a member of People Crew, which debuted in 1998. But because he was overshadowed by other "pretty members" in his group, it was not until 2003, MC Mong began to gain popularity when he acted in MBC's Non-Stop 4. His albums are known mostly for their comedic styles (aided by humorous music videos), although his most recent album has taken on a slightly more serious tone. His nickname is "monkey", due to his resemblance to the animal; most Korean variety shows reference this. On a fall of 2006 episode of SBS's Ya Shim Man Man, he and his good friend Haha talked about their struggles when they were first trying to break into the industry. His parents had fought against him, telling him that he should not try to become a celebrity[citation needed]. However, upon reaching success, it was later revealed that he is the ultimate Hyo-ja (효자: a dutiful and devoted son). He claims to not knowing how much income he rakes in amid numerous TV ads, TV spots (most notably 1박2일), music albums and related ventures such as ringtones. The reason for his obliviousness is not due to lack of professional character, but rather displayed by the kind of close relationship he shares between his mother, whom keeps the books. He has also shared with the public that his success had lifted his family from the hard times often marked by debts.

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