Münir Nurettin Selçuk


Münir Nurettin Selçuk was born in 1901 in Istanbul and died in the same city on 27th April 1981. Having received his early musical training in Darü'l-Feyz-i Musiki, an Ottoman musical society founded in the 1910s, Selçuk entered Darülelhan, the first national conservatory of Ottoman Turkey, where he became the student of Zekaizade Ahmed Efendi (Zekai Dede's son), who was one of the most prominent musical authorities of his time and who had an amazingly exrensive knowledge of the classical Ottoman music repertoire. In the following years of his early musical career he also joined the Sark Musikisi Cemiyeti, a well-known musical society where several talented and knowledgeable musicians were active, such as Ali Rifat Çagatay and Bestenigar Ziya Bey. The young Selçuk first made his debut as a soloist in the concerts given by the ensemble of this society.

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