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Levellers is a popular English rock band influenced by punk and traditional English music. The band is based in Brighton, England, where they were founded in 1988. There are several stories regarding how they got their name; from the Levellers, a radically democratic faction of Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army; as a reference to "The Level", a flat open space near where members of the band used to live in Brighton; or simply, according to guitarist, Simon Friend, a word they chose from a dictionary.


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    There's only one way of life
    And that's your own, your own, your own
    My father when I was younger took me up on to the hill
    That looks down on the city smog and above the factory spill
    He said, "Now this is where I come when I wanted to be free"
    One Way  -  145,873 plays
    What a beautiful day (hey hey)
    I'm the king of all time
    And nothing is impossible
    In my all powerful mind
    It was on the fifth of November, when time it went back
    What a Beautiful Day  -  96,041 plays
    When you're standing by the roadside
    And it's a long way to go
    Ah, to carry me
    to carry me, carry me, carry me, friend
    Oh, to carry me
    Carry Me  -  65,246 plays
    It's warm by the river, the weir keeps us clean
    The wood-smoke and cigarettes are all that we need
    Marking the dirt with twigs and simple words spoke
    Kicking the dust so that we can just
    Dance the dance that plays with the fire
    Far From Home  -  58,317 plays
    Do you fancy a drink,
    Just the one,
    To clear your head,
    We won't be long.
    It's a beautiful day,
    Just the One  -  44,538 plays
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