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Latterman was a four-piece punk rock band from Long Island, NY, formed in 2000. They played a style of melodic punk rock with shouted dual-vocals by Phil Douglas and Matt Canino, with songs often containing political and/or socially-conscious lyrics. The band has been compared to the likes of Against Me!, The Lawrence Arms, and Hot Water Music. Since their split in 2007, members have most recently been heard playing in Shorebirds, Bridge and Tunnel, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Iron Chic, RVIVR and The Brass.


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    Get me home again. start to search for a good friend.
    You know and i know there will be those ups and downs no matter where we go.
    With my sight and mind blurred within those miles.
    I'll get home again feeling lost and alone in these walls i know.
    Break the bottle i still won't find you in the bottom or anywhere around here.
    Fear And Loathing On Long Island  -  133,689 plays
    we'll rest our heads on strong shoulders again.
    to form new mindsets to bring us through.
    give up.
    move again so we'll still sustain and build until the end.
    Doom! Doom! Doom!  -  137,827 plays
    We hope there is solution in these days so we wait for new ideas to get us away. where to start. where to break and let go. where to move. where to look and where to grow. covered in blanket statements try to break free again and again.
    We move past these empty walls. start to look for our connections to get us through someday soon. always remember to send out the glowing praises as we look to attempt to get out of these boxes. we need to get out of these boxes. we'll break away one of these days and tell ourselves there are no connections to these screens
    Yo, Get Into It  -  110,421 plays
    We know things lose their shine over time. so the things that you love you say wont feel the same way. so move out. move on. fall deep in love with your meaning. and if we haven't found it. i hope we can all start looking. so look out. look up.
    Even though the skies are cloudy gray. spend every new day. look deep and fall in love again. cause things can't stay new forever. we have to work to keep it together. old melodies renewed and recreated. we have to keep on singing
    This Project Is Stagnant (Get It Out Of My Face)  -  94,475 plays
    If we could just move in time with our moving words. ideals blurred within reality. well that's reality. your daily dose of disappointment. its who we are not where we live that lets us accept defeat. but there aren't sidewalks on my street. and may the cars swerve into a fucking tree. accept and recognize the failure. deal with it and move from there. like coming home and everyone's left without you. out of town. out of step.
    But we're still not dead. so far away in the mountains i could finally see. smiling faces looking back at me. to wave goodbye and find what we need to keep moving. lost in the dark of our shadows backs turned again. but with hands held tight now let's begin. to turn and face our faces to the light. if we all have to leave we can build something new. you can come along with me if you want to. i hope to see you someday soon. i need to see you someday soon
    Zombies Are Pissed  -  85,046 plays
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