Krystol was an Black female R&B group that preceeded such R&B groups as En Vogue. Krystol is best remembered for their 1984 hit song, "Same Place Same Time." They had some hit songs both before and after this song but they are not well known. In addition to solidifying a distinctive group sound, each of the quartet's members was capable of delivering solid lead performances. Coupled with Leon Sylvers III's nouveau R&B/funk production, the resulting material was trendsetting. Krystol was ultimately the outgrowth of several earlier groups with slightly varying lineups.As one of the seminal black female acts of the '80s, Krystol also distinguished themselves by being one of very few groups of its nature to split the lead vocal chores amongst all the members, in addition to including writing contributions from all. Despite a number of internal changes at Epic, the group still maintained this input on their sophomore outing, 1985's Talk of the Town. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.