Karate High School

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Karate High School is an American experimental rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, fronted by multi-instrumentalist and producer Paul McGuire. On March 21, 2006 the band released their debut album entitled Arcade Rock, a term which alludes to the influence of 8-bit video game music in their sound. Karate High School's second album, The League Of Tomorrow, released on September 4, 2007, further honed the band's layered, keyboard-driven style of alternative rock.


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    Twice upon a time, we made the same mistake and fell so far behind.
    This place looks familiar,
    It feels like I've been here before but I'm really not too sure.
    So I'm asking, I'm asking, I'm asking
    Is it even possible to forget what I've learned before
    Twice Upon A Time (110%)  -  48,089 plays
  2. Good News and Bad News  -  55,615 plays
  3. Sweep The Leg  -  41,593 plays
  4. Million Light Years Away  -  31,474 plays
  5. Burning Up for You  -  27,404 plays
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