Presenting the lighter side of Houston rap, K-Otix forgoes gangsta clichés, strip-club antics, and DJ Screw intoxicants in favor of traditional hip-hop simplicity. More apt to remind listeners of A Tribe Called Quest than the Geto Boys, K-Otix provides beats and rhymes of classic design. With their producer Russel "The Are" Gonzalez having received much inspiration and some actual training from Gang Starr legend and ex-Texan DJ Premier, their music clearly expresses the re-constructive nature of the hip-hop aesthetic. As first and foremost an avid fan, diligent record collector, and student of jazz, soul, and funk music, The Are only then allows himself to become a crafty composer of original pieces. His knack for unearthing just the right samples and drum cadences to move crowds is of course greatly enhanced by the presence of Damien Randle and Micah Nickerson on microphones. Their aggressive manner of lyricism, characterized by blunt insights and percussive inflections, completes the K-Otix formula for dynamic rap music.

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