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Judge was a New York City hardcore band, formed in 1987 by Youth Of Today guitarist John 'Porcell' Porcelly and former Death Before Dishonor/Youth Of Today drummer Mike 'Judge' Ferraro. Their first release was a 7" EP on Porcelly's label Schism (which he ran along with Side By Side/Gorilla Biscuits guitar-player Alex Brown) entitled New York Crew. The record featured 5 songs, one of which was a cover of "Warriors" by the British oi!/punk band Blitz. On this recording, the band was merely a two-piece, featuring Porcelly on bass and guitar, and Ferraro on vocals and drums. But with the addition of bass-player Jimmy Yu (of Mike's former band Death Before Dishonor, which eventually evolved into Supertouch) and drummer 'Lukey' Luke Abbey (Warzone/Gorilla Biscuits), they got together a fully-functional live line-up.


Top Songs

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    i see you on the streets
    you hide in your packs
    you push and push
    and no one pushes back
    it's time you own up
    Bringin' It Down  -  97,641 plays
    I want it back again
    The spirit that WE ONCE HAD
    Showing all these new hards
    They're not SO FUCKIN' BAD
    You and your crew
    New York Crew  -  78,224 plays
    i was thinking of it all
    the times i've been through
    why didn't i fall?
    i was believing it was my luck
    disbelieving in what i couldn't touch
    Take Me Away  -  91,688 plays
    Thinking back when we were friends
    How i thought it could never end
    Handshakes and smiles whenever we met
    What we shared i know i'll never forget
    I knew our paths were splitting
    Hold Me Back  -  86,426 plays
    nothing on your mind
    your head's hanging low
    melting into the crowd
    and taking it slow
    you're a little jumpy
    Give It Up  -  82,715 plays
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