Johnny Hollow


Johnny Hollow, often abbreviated JH, is a band composed of singer Janine White, digital artist Vincent Marcone and cellist Kitty Thompson. The band was formed in 2001, Ontario, Canada. Marcone, known for his wide range of digital artwork over almost a decade, launched his website My Pet Skeleton. White was asked by Marcone to design the sound effects. Meanwhile, White and Thompson were also experimenting in their recording studio. They had sessions as gig musicians, but these weren't satisfying enough for them. My Pet Skeleton quickly rose to the forefront of the web hall of fame. The trio was heavily encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response of the web audience, and decided to form an alliance. Marcone became the head of the trio and was the speaking voice of the project: a sonically-inspired and visual trio. Their first material was presented on the My Pet Skeleton website.

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