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Jill Sobule (born January 16, 1965 in Denver, Colorado) is an American singer-songwriter best known for the then-controversial song, I Kissed a Girl (not to be confused with the 2008 Katy Perry hit song of the same name) and for Supermodel from the soundtrack of the hit 1995 film Clueless. In 1990, she released her debut album Things Here Are Different. Over the next sixteen years, she would go on to record five more records, three EPs and a greatest hits compilation. Though her albums are often critically acclaimed, Sobule remains more of an underground artist, playing for fans across the United States in smaller, more personal settings.


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  1. Supermodel  -  82,766 plays
    Jenny came over and told me 'bout Brad
    He's such a hairy behemoth she said
    Dumb as a box of hammers
    But he's such a handsome guy
    And I opened up and I told her 'bout Larry
    I Kissed a Girl  -  83,839 plays
  3. Rainy Day Parade  -  42,710 plays
  4. Where Do I Begin  -  33,993 plays
    I caught you watching me
    You thought I didn't see
    By the way that you stared
    I know there's something there
    Your smile sometimes shows
    Too Cool To Fall In Love  -  12,392 plays
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