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Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo (born March 16, 1988), better known as Jhené Aiko or simply Jhené, is an American singer-songwriter and recording artist from Los Angeles, California. Formerly signed to The Ultimate Group and Epic Records, she left both labels in order to continue her education. Aiko began her career being known as "Lil' Fizz's cousin", however she is not actually related to him. It was used as a marketing tool suggested by Sony and Epic to promote her through the R&B group B2K and attract an audience, though Aiko affirms that she and Lil' Fizz grew up together and were close like family.


Top Songs

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    Tell me whatcha say now?
    Tell me whatcha say
    Come again?
    If you cannot stay down
    Then you do not have to pretend
    The Worst  -  482,379 plays
    Wake up, wake up
    Gotta get this paper, get this cake up
    Gotta do my hair, gotta put on makeup
    Gotta act like I care about this fake stuff
    Straight up what a waste of my day
    Bed Peace  -  282,088 plays
  3. Stay Ready (What A Life)  -  160,639 plays
    Change is inevitable
    Why hold on to what you have to let go of?
    Like, did I really break your heart?
    Was it all my fault?
    If you don't knock it off
    Spotless Mind  -  165,643 plays
    I care about you, baby.
    Baby, more than you'll ever know.
    More than you'll ever know.
    Please do not drive me crazy, crazy.
    Unless you wanna go
    The Pressure  -  142,785 plays
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