Jason Spooner


New England-based songwriter Jason Spooner from Portland, Maine discovered the family stereo at a very early age and never looked back. He attributes his musical roots to his father's secret stash of 8 track tapes. "My parents always stayed visibly hip when it came to the records they displayed publicly...disco in the 70's, pop in the 80's.", says Jason. "It was finding my dad's collection of tunes early on that really set me off on the right foot." Whether it was the intricate songsmanship of Jim Croce and early Van Morrison or the heart-felt soul of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, Jason began to absorb a variety of styles and influences. "If I'd stuck to the Bee Gee's records that my parents kept out for house guests to peruse", imagines Jason, "things may have been very different...scarily different."

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