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    I missed the opportunity
    To get you, babe, to stay with me
    Never thought, I'd regret the excuses that I've made
    Like a song, it will fade
    If there's music in the night and it's really, really right
    Mind-Trick  -  50 plays
    Are the stars out tonight?
    I dont know if its cloudy or bright
    cause I only have eyes for you, dear
    My love must be some kind of blind love
    I dont see anybody but you
    I-Only-Have-Eyes-For-You  -  49 plays
    I know it's been a while since I have talked to you
    But maybe you're the one who makes the winds blow
    Looking at the stars without explanations
    We contemplate as kings and simple men on trial, our little world's fragile
    Oh God, can You tell us when it's going to stop
    Oh-God  -  39 plays
    Our day will come
    And we'll have everything.
    We'll share the joy
    Falling in love can bring.
    No one can tell me
    Our-Day-Will-Come  -  39 plays
    So hail a taxi cab and come around here
    And I will meet you right outside
    I got some DVDs and a couple of beers
    If you want to we can stay up all night
    It's nothing fancy, just a little couch and me
    My-Yard  -  37 plays
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