James Wesley

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"I've always been a big believer in tradition," declares James Wesley. "A lot of the old ways are the best ways: family, God, treating people right, doing what you're supposed to do. I think it's time to come back to what's real. That's what country music is about."


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    Five-hundred channels and there ain't much on tonight
    Except reality shows about some folk's so-called lives
    A pretty girl cries 'cause she don't get a rose
    But she'll find love next year on her own show
    And they call that real
    Real  -  61,517 plays
  2. Didn't I  -  38,629 plays
  3. Walking Contradiction  -  15,004 plays
    From the fuel that fills your truck
    To the coffee that fills your cup
    Don't thank the corner store for that early morning rush
    Thank a farmer
    Yeah, I think back to that hay field
    Thank a Farmer  -  1,906 plays
    It was plain to see she didn't know how to ski
    She said "We don't get much show in Tampa Bay"
    She said, "I got confused, ended up on the blues
    I was hopin' someone like you would come my way
    I said, "Let's sit here and enjoy the view
    Jackson Hole  -  2,825 plays
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