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Jakob Dylan (born Jakob Luke Dylan on December 9, 1969, in New York) is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer of the rock band The Wallflowers. He has also, to date, recorded two solo albums.


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    Got my window open wide
    Got my window open wide
    Got a good woman by my side
    Got a good woman by my side
    Now this kind of day has no night
    Something Good This Way Comes  -  160,235 plays
    It doesn't always have a shape
    Almost never does it have a name
    It maybe has a pitchfork, maybe has a tail
    But evil is alive and well
    It might walk upright from out of the inferno
    Evil Is Alive and Well  -  104,594 plays
    I made a promise to not let go
    Our tug of war has only made me want you more
    Steeped in hard luck and doomed to roam
    My love is braver than you know
    My forefathers, they worked this land
    Will It Grow  -  114,094 plays
    We'd feel much better if we sunk this treasure
    And laid our armor down
    These precious metals and these captain's letters
    They are no use to us now
    In the day we struggle with fatigue much greater
    Valley of the Low Sun  -  100,137 plays
    I been working double shift all night
    Bees make honey, I'm making mine
    Good men are busy all the time
    I been working double shift all night
    My line of work suits me fine
    All Day and All Night  -  87,838 plays
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