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Jacqueline Govaert (born in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, 20 April 1982) is the former front-woman and primary songwriter of the Dutch band Krezip (1997-2009). Following the break-up of Krezip in 2009, her first single ‘Overrated’ was released in 2010, topping the Dutch Charts. Her first solo album ‘Good Life’ then followed, on which she cooperated with Tjeerd Bomhof (Dazzled Kid & Voicst), Alex Callier (Hooverphonic) and Joost Zweegers (Novastar), peaking at #3 in the Dutch Album Charts. Her latest 2014 single is entitled 'Hear How My Heart Beats' and 2014 album, 'Songs To Soothe', both on the Sony label. An accomplished pianist, bilingual vocalist and song writer Jacqueline Govaert is frequently on tour and has been compared in the music-media to her fellow Dutch female artist, 'Anouk'.


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    Let's sip another glass of wine
    In our garden in the moonshine
    Let the shimmering soothe
    The battle with your blue
    Let's smoke another cigarette
    Simple Life  -  32,811 plays
    Oh girlfriend, I still remember your dreams
    A simple house, a couple of kids
    You married young in a fairytale dress
    But the boy you loved never grew up a man
    Now life is nothing like the dreams you had
    Sweet Friend  -  16,136 plays
    Winter took a lifetime
    Froze my bones swallowed daylight
    I wandered through the shadows
    When the sun squeezed through my window
    Hear how my heart beats
    Hear How My Heart Beats  -  15,679 plays
  4. Make More Sound  -  15,898 plays
    Was standing on the road
    Leads me to the drowning sun
    Where yellow glows and my heart it covers in gold
    Cause its the end of this road
    You will be waiting for me
    Going Back Home  -  8,638 plays
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