Jack Ingram

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Around the time Jack Ingram started writing songs and performing, he was studying psychology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. "Music and psychology come from the same place," he says. "It's about studying why people tick. I write songs to figure out my world, why people act the way they do, why they make the decisions they do."


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    The clouds are partin', the summer suns startin'
    To burn down on that river
    My baby's waitin', I got the Chevy shakin'
    I'm blazin' a trail to get her, there she is
    She's got her shades on and man, she's lookin' strong
    Barefoot And Crazy  -  98,821 plays
    Dang the sun - Dang this day
    I'm just tryin' to stay out of your danged ol' way
    To heck with this To heck with us
    Shoot if I'll look back on where I've been
    Shoot if I'll ever give away my heart again
    Love You  -  83,600 plays
    Honey, why you calling me so late
    It's kinda hard to talk right now
    Honey, why you crying
    Is everything okay
    I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud
    Lips Of An Angel  -  68,869 plays
    I was fifteen left home young
    tore up the tracks and then some
    me and my dad didnt see eye to eye
    I never took to him
    he never took the time
    Measure Of A Man  -  65,171 plays
    She slammed the screen door
    Kicked up the dust pullin' out of here
    Probably headed for Baton Rouge
    Her taillights just disappeared
    I tried everything within my power to get her to stay
    Maybe She'll Get Lonely  -  47,999 plays
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