Jack Daniels Overdrive



J. D. OVERDRIVE was spat out from the lungs of hell in 2007, after our guitarist Stempel finally managed to complete the line-up for his devilish project. Taking the traditional rock’n’roll approach & mixing it with some modern metal heaviness, we soon added another ingredient into our music, ultimately forming our very own style. This ingredient was the raw and muddy sound of the old South – stoner rock. So, armed with a head full of ideas and a crate of prime brew, we entered the best studio we could afford to spill our poisonous vibes out into the open… Thus in early 2008 we release the EP (pride forbids us to call it a shitty demo) “Pure Concentrated Evil”, which is simply our idea of good old-fashioned fun combined with a solid kick in the face. Love it or hate it, this is what it’s all about!

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