Ilkae are Aaron Munson and Krystian Lubiszewski, representing Canada and Poland respectively. Their music could be described as a mixture of classic video game soundtracks, hip hop, and experimental electronica. Munson has been the sole active member of the group since 2003. when Lubiszewski decided to take a prolonged hiatus from writing music to focus on his academic career. Ilkae remains an active musical project, continuing beyond the closure of merck records in 2007. Since then, Munson's work has largely been published on the Eerik Inpuj Sound netlabel. He has also made physical media releases on Onibaba records and The Irrational Media Society. Munson has been the curator of Eerik Inpuj Sound since 2011, when he assumed the role from from his ex-merck label-mate Proswell.

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