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Ikipr has been writing music which parallels his exploration of alternative science, technology and magick for over 10 years. By using musical note correspondences found in the journal of Charles Henry Allan Bennett by Paul Foster Case, Ikipr attempts to map symbolic & archetypal forces through sound & art. His music is written in parameters ascribed to astrological signs, planets, tarot, Hebrew, Qabbalah and Alchemy. In this manner songs are similar to a ritualistic setting in which every aspect of sound goes toward building an aural-environment akin to a magickal space or ritual. This form and structure is given life within the listeners’ subjective experience by employing these correspondences alongside planetary tuning, brainwave entrancement, EEG sound triggering, cutups, planetary orbit frequencies as tempos, radionic tones, image to sound methods, various audio cryptography, and random algorithms as a means to synchronicity.


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  1. Drift Endlessly  -  234 plays
  2. River and Meadow  -  486 plays
  3. senses removed  -  226 plays
  4. Orchestra of Bulky cartridge based technology  -  169 plays
  5. Dreams Manifest  -  58 plays
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