I Hate Kate

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I Hate Kate is an alternative rock band from Huntington Beach, California. The band was founded in November, 2004 by former Zebrahead guitarist and vocalist Justin Mauriello. In June 2010, they began calling themselves Darling Thieves.


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  1. I'm In Love With A Sociopath  -  137,641 plays
    In my bed of black roses
    Where I dream secrets the back of my eyelids keep
    So you wanna believe all the things you've been told
    And all the promises that you won't grow old
    In the life made up of strings
    Bed of Black Roses  -  129,231 plays
    Well it's 4 AM and it seems to me
    Tonight's not going down in history
    But I'll tell you something honey
    It's always better when I'm with you
    The glitz and glamour and all the fame
    Always Something  -  112,688 plays
    Well, it's been three weekends in a row
    That I've been sitting at home
    Not going out at all
    Sometimes I get the feeling
    That's how it's gonna be for the rest of me
    Story I Can't Write  -  54,714 plays
    What you're cooking in the kitchen
    Is it more of your bitchin' attitude
    That you give, that you give, that you give
    But I don't want it
    I won't have it
    Then You Kiss  -  80,296 plays
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