I Am The Avalanche

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I Am The Avalanche is a five piece punk band from Brooklyn, NY featuring the vocals of Vinnie Caruana previously of The Movielife. Other members include Brett Romnes on drums, Michael Ireland on guitar, Brandon Swanson on guitar and Kellen Robson on bass.


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  1. New Disaster  -  171,259 plays
    I took a beating in 2003
    At least I improved
    My threshold for pain
    See my eyes swelled up and poured out blood
    He spent six months just cleaning it up
    I Took A Beating  -  134,885 plays
    At the bottom of a swimming pool
    I think I found a clue
    I know
    That I'm getting closer
    I'm looking for fingerprints
    Dead And Gone  -  131,428 plays
    When she called my sneakers tennis shoes
    I knew she was from the west coast
    Or the best coast
    Like she'd say and I had to disagree
    I fell in love with a ship
    Green Eyes  -  135,713 plays
    Can't take it from me
    You can't take it from me
    No My cold dead hands are much stronger now
    And no I can't figure out what the fuck I'm still doing here
    So many places I can be
    Murderous  -  102,234 plays
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