Holy Sons

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Holy Sons are but one, a son of the deep South. A true lo-fi dogmatist, Emil Amos self-professedly subscribes to the "therapy through 4-tracking" credo; he is an artist driven to create regardless of the marketability of the outcome. And create he does, prolifically. His output is near-constant between Holy Sons, where he writes every word and plays every instrument, and ├╝ber-post-rockers Grails, where he contributes his talents as multi-instrumentalist as well as primary drummer, a position akin to the driver of the bus in this case. But as his alter ego, Holy Sons are the vehicle that carries a self-expression that borders on exorcism. - -AllMusic.com, Brian Way


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    I can't walk these streets at night
    the ability reveals and puts me right
    I can't trust these eyes
    For reality's disguised
    Put me in my place put me in my place
    Gnostic Device  -  17,118 plays
  2. Payoff  -  9,338 plays
  3. It's My Feeling  -  5,004 plays
  4. Robbed and Gifted  -  5,416 plays
  5. Survivalist Intro  -  7,230 plays
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