Herbcraft formed in late-2009 after the dissolution of Matt Lajoie's Cursillistas project. Taking inspiration from late-60s and early-70s psychedelic rock, acid folk, prog/space-rock, and German kosmische, Lajoie wrote and recorded the debut Herbcraft album "Discovers The Bitter Water Of Agartha" in a single day on borrowed equipment. The album was released in June 2010 on Hello Sunshine, sister-label of Woodsist Records. Lajoie put together a live band for tours to support the album, and released the mostly-live "Papers" cassette on Fuck-It Tapes in October 2010. This was followed in June 2011 by "Ashram to the Stars", a second solo-recorded LP on Hello Sunshine that is much more heavy, dark, and abstract than the debut LP, with Japanese psych, minimalist composition, and cosmic jazz influences. The "Flowering" cassette--a mix of more psych-pop-leaning songs and instrumental improvisations recorded in Spring & Summer 2011--was an addendum to the "Ashram" LP, and released on Julia Dream Recordings in July 2012.

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