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    tell me a story uncle stak
    -what you want me to tell you a story about?
    about bad guys an stuff
    -ok that should be easy..
    Check check now i was once in the mix with some phony homies who tun they back on me when i needed them most and even though they my enemies im keepin em close cuz i can either sink em or keep em afloat an while the ship jumpers go searchin for life perservers ima stay here and try to repair the holes in my ship tightin the loose boards in the home that i built i did this by myself i aint never need yo help dudes are dirty they try to fuck your gal, naw dog ya got it all wrong im you pal put it on his kids life lookin you in the eye knowin the whole time tellin a fuckin lie my go to guy i could depend on you only people out to get me were freinds like you i know everybody out there can relate to stak if they go stab wounds all up and down they back I do it
    All By Myself - (3:48)  -  306 plays
  2. Bonnie And Clyde - (4:34)  -  213 plays
    [ Intro ]
    Sometimes I write about something, that like something I went through
    Or something my people went through
    And I felt like they needed some motivational shit
    And it usually ends up going something like this...
    My First Day - (4:59)  -  249 plays
  4. Pray For Me - (3:55)  -  201 plays
    I was born a bastard my momma was a baby.
    And she didnt have the skills it would ever take to raise me.
    Pops jumped ship and left us doin bad.
    I pretty much blamed him for everything i never had.
    Far back as i remember i was always mad.
    Still You Doubted Me - (4:32)  -  86 plays
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