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Joshua Hayes Carll, known as Hayes Carll, is a singer-songwriter from The Woodlands, Texas (a Houston suburb). He is currently signed to Lost Highway Records.


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    We've been datin' since high school
    We never once left this town
    We used to go out on the weekends
    And we'd drink till we drowned
    But now she's actin' funny
    She Left Me For Jesus  -  61,073 plays
    I saw you leanin' on a memory
    With your back turned to the crowd
    In that little bar on Murphy
    Where they play guitar too loud
    There were people drinkin' whiskey
    Beaumont  -  60,320 plays
    I got a woman who's wild as Rome
    She likes bein' naked and gazed upon
    She crosses a bridge, she sets in on fire
    She lands like a bird on a telephone wire
    I'm gonna hollar and I'm gonna scream
    Drunken Poet's Dream  -  54,128 plays
    The time has come, there is no second chance
    We? ve been drifting on an empty aching sea
    You were the girl I never knew I wanted
    I was the boy you hoped you? d never see
    And it? s a shame that we ain? t lovers
    It's a Shame  -  48,985 plays
    Arkansas, my head hurts
    I'd love to stick around and maybe make it worse I got a girl out in Henrietta And her loves like tornado weather It's girls like this that keep me tryin'
    She goes off like an air raid siren
    Come in clean, leave torn apart
    A bad liver and a broken heart
    Bad Liver And A Broken Heart  -  46,298 plays
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