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In 2003, Halifax was just another in a myriad of unsigned indie outfits rolling the highways of North America. Sharing van space, shitty hotel rooms, bodily aromas, Old Milwaukee and a collective dream in between crappy jobs in chain restaurants and landscaping, the group recorded and supported its initial EP, A Writer’s Reference.


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    So tell me now, what do I have to do
    To say things that will get through to you
    I'll cross my fingers and I'll pray for you
    To somehow see this site
    Call me more convinced.
    Sydney  -  282,944 plays
    Broken Glass Syndrome/Halifax
    I did everything you did to me to you
    But I'm out of ammunition
    So I'll take these words and fire them into your chest
    Find a new place for them to rest
    Broken Glass Syndrome  -  141,185 plays
    As if your the one to talk
    Trying to take what you don't have
    Whatever made you so jealous
    I'm tired of being quiet
    I'm sick of writing the songs that make you think that you're so special
    I Hate Your Eyes  -  112,570 plays
    Deep beneath your skin
    You know this feels so right to you
    But trust me girl with him you don't know
    What your getting yourself into
    Crawl under the sheets
    A Writer's Reference  -  104,902 plays
    It's second nature for you
    But its the first to make you my last one
    The last one in my life
    The first to make you cry
    So lets drink this bottle to the very last drop
    Nightmare  -  132,620 plays
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