Half Japanese

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Half Japanese is a punk rock band formed by brothers Jad Fair and David Fair in their Uniontown, Maryland bedroom around 1975.


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  1. 1,000,000 Kisses  -  52,033 plays
  2. Put Some Sugar on It  -  41,108 plays
    It's been done before, I know I've done it.
    And it's been said before, and probably better.
    But it's not over, it's just begun,
    And I'll still be here when it's said and done.
    It's all said, it's all done,
    Said And Done  -  25,690 plays
    I think I'm going to change my name to lucky, and take a vacation.
    My life is a full house. Aces and kings.
    Kiss, kiss, kiss. Dance, dance, dance.
    I guess I'm living a charmed life.
    I could stuff my pockets full of ten dollar bills.
    Charmed Life  -  26,267 plays
    Oh no, she held his hand and they clutched their love
    Oh my, they made a wish on the stars up above
    Oh me, I guess that leaves me out in the cold
    Or so, so, so, so I been told
    Oh why, why won't she listen to me?
    Firecracker  -  22,898 plays
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