Hal Ketchum

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Hal Ketchum (born April 9, 1953) is an American country musician, songwriter, and performer.


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    There's an Elvis movie on the marquee sign,
    We've all seen at least three times.
    Everybody's broke, Bobby's got a buck.
    To put a dollar's worth of gas in his pickup truck.
    We're going' ninety miles an hour down a dead end road.
    Small Town Saturday Night  -  37,237 plays
  2. Past the Point of Rescue  -  31,273 plays
    Love don't hang out in a grand hotel
    Got no satin sheets, got no servant's bell
    Ain't in Bel Air on some big old yacht
    Ain't in a beach house on Monserrat
    There's a house on the edge of town
    I Know Where Love Lives  -  24,985 plays
    Ever since she was a baby
    Settin' on her daddy's knee
    Had him wrapped around her finger
    Doing anything she pleased
    She had a way of getting what she wanted
    Hearts Are Gonna Roll  -  5,082 plays
    Mama knows the highway by the songs
    When she hears a good one, she always sings along
    She don't ever worry 'bout what's gone
    She says, "Good country music will never steer you wrong"
    She talks to the truckers with her lights
    Mama Knows the Highway  -  4,541 plays
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