philadelphia, pa.’s andrew balasia, aka Gracie, is one of those artists who can get under your skin. we mean that in a flattering sense, of course. gracie’s for summer ep, released in june on absent fever, leaves an undeniable impression on the listener. tracks like “for dylan, from africa” and “untitled” are brooding but bright electro-infused shoe gaze which build, layer-upon-layer, from ambient noise to orchestral sounding crescendos. “sisters” is the first track from gracie’s forthcoming treehouse ep. the haunting vocals and the bellowing bass on “sisters” combine for an overwhelming sensation, all the while remaining organic and natural in its execution. though not always immediately revealed, gracie’s music is inspired and absorbing, a wealth of sound worth diving into. treehouse will be released in january 2012 via small plates records.

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