Grabaż i Strachy Na Lachy


Krzysztof "Grabaż" Grabowski, besides being the vocalist of Pidżama Porno, performed occasional concerts, playing acoustic guitar, with repertoire that inlcuded Pidżama Porno's unrealesed tracks and covers. On one of such concerts, he appeared with a band and announced that from now on, he would no longer perform solo but with the band which was named "Międzymiastówka Koncertująca Strachy Na Lachy". The project was meant to be a temporary enterprise but it turned out to be so succesful that the band soon released their first LP under the name "Grabaż i Strachy Na Lachy". The LP was released in 2002 and was titled "Strachy Na Lachy". Unlike Pidżama Porno, which was a punk band, Grabaż i Strachy Na Lachy had acoustic, folk sound. In 2005 the name of the band was shortened to Strachy Na Lachy. In the same year the second LP "Piła Tango" was released. In 2007 the band recorded the album "Autor" which comprised of new versions of the songs of Polish bard, Jacek Kaczmarski. In many of these songs the band abandoned their folk sound and adopted a more indie-like one. In the same year Grabaż disbanded his hitherto primary band Pidżama Porno and devoted himself entirely to Strachy Na Lachy. In 2008 Strachy Na Lachy released the album with covers of various Polish underground acts of the 80s titled "Zakazane Piosenki".

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