Gorilla Biscuits

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Gorilla Biscuits is a New York straight edge hardcore punk band on Revelation Records. They formed in 1987. They picked the name under pressure to have a name when Token Entry got them a stage appearance unexpectedly. Ironically (due to their straight edge status), the name came from a big quaalude known as a "gorilla biscuit" which was popular in their neighborhood. The intent was to change the name later, but it stuck. However the name was used effectively in one of their early songs which is titled Biscuit Power with the lyrics "Gorilla Biscuits in your fucking head, one more time and you'll be dead..."


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    What do you mean it's time, time for me to
    grow up? I don't want any part. It's right
    to follow my heart. The new kids ran, ran
    out the back door fast, and the bands
    that came before they had their noses in
    New Direction  -  320,750 plays
    Yesterday you were on my back just to get my time
    I guess it's not as precious as it seems
    Because I found the time for hanging out
    And talking on the phone
    What should I expect, now that my time is free
    Start Today  -  292,593 plays
    Tell me who's pure.
    Tell me who's right
    Tell me the last time that you fought a fair fight.
    A loser's way to find some friends,
    you look like a skin but that's where it ends.
    Degradation  -  215,022 plays
    Sitting down on a couch, you watch, a fucking slave to a TV show.
    You thought before but you sat and dropped.
    What did you learn?
    You don't even know, now I kid myself but my eyes are glued on this thing.
    It steals my time and wastes what I've learned.
    Stand Still  -  209,786 plays
    Humor's got a place like all things.
    Be aware of the pain it can sometimes bring.
    A joke to you might not be so funny,
    so take the time and think it out before you open up your mouth.
    I can't belive the things we say.
    Things we say  -  208,288 plays
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